Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yearly Reading Wrap-up at Moonshine and Rosefire

Hello everyone out there and I hope that you all had a terrific reading year for yourselves. I am known as Rosefire around the Internet and this is my new personal reading blog. I originally posted my reviews over at my daughter's blog, Emeraldfire's Bookmark but am now in the process of transferring them all over to my own blog. My daughter makes blogging look like so much fun that I thought that I would try it out for myself! :)

Anyway, I started out January with about 651 unread books lying around the house and ended the year with 651 books unread. All of the books that I acquired this year came from Bookmooch and Paperback Swap and Library Book Sales. Quite a number of my books that I read this month left my house to go to new homes so that's something I guess. :)

Let me try to break down the influx for you:

Blessings by Belva Plain
- A Paper Life by Tatum O'Neal
- Duma Key by Stephen King
- The Shadow Guest by Hillary Waugh
- Life Lines by Jill Ireland

Changes to the TBR pile

Read from my TBR pile (Yes! I am a reading machine :))
- Mary Anne by Daphne du Maurier
- The Green Man by Lee Mather
- Snowbound: The Tragic Story of the Donner Party by David Lavender
- False Witness by Dorothy Uhnak
- Blood Sisters by Judith Henry Wall
- One True Thing by Anna Quindlen
- Memories of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon
- The Architect by Keith Ablow
- The Ruins by Scott Smith
- Still Talking by Joan Rivers and Richard Meryman
- The Sight of the Stars by Belva Plain
- The Deadly Gift by Norah Lofts
- Psychward by Stephen B. Seager, M. D.
- Treasures by Belva Plain
- Summer's End by Danielle Steel
- Running From the Law by Lisa Scottoline
- Thinner by Stephen King
- Whispers by Belva Plain
Bride of Moat House by Norah Lofts
The Midnight Hour by Karen Robards
Heart and Soul by Maeve Binchy
Promises by Belva Plain
- Quentins by Maeve Binchy
- The Day of the Storm by Rosamunde Pilcher
- A Secret Affair by Barbara Taylor Bradford
- Back When we Were Grownups by Anne Tyler
- Ordinary People by Judith Guest
- A Summer Bird-Cage by Margaret Drabble
- The Politician: An Insider's Account of John Edwards's Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down by Andrew Young
Fatal Vision by Joe McGinniss
Wither by J. G. Passarella
Under Gemini by Rosamunde Pilcher
Sleep Long, my Love by Hillary Waugh
The Tarnished Eye: A Novel of Suspense by Judith Guest
- Another View by Rosamunde Pilcher
- Down by the Water by Caroline Upcher
- Voices in Summer by Rosamunde Pilcher
- A Very Private Woman: The Life and Unsolved Murder of Presidential Mistress Mary Meyer by Nina Burleigh
- A Case of Need by Michael Crichton
- Nora, Nora by Anne Rivers Siddons
- The Desert Crop by Catherine Cookson
- Colony by Anne Rivers Siddons
- Nothing But the Best by Diane Masters
- A Lady in the Lake: The True Account of Death and Discovery in Lake Placid by George Christian Ortloff
- Blessings by Belva Plain
- Julia by Peter Straub
- Ruin Creek by David Payne
- The Unholy by Michael Falconer Anderson
- Homecoming by Belva Plain
- The Forbidden Zone by Whitley Strieber
- The Visitor by Jere Cunningham
- The Perfect Summer by Luanne Rice
- Whitethorn Woods by Maeve Binchy
- Celebrity Detox: (The Fame Game) by Rosie O'Donnell
- Blessings by Anna Quindlen
- The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber
- Moment of Truth by Lisa Scottoline
- The Sweet Taste of Burning: A Novel of the Occult by Paul Andreota
- Woman Vanishes by Caroline Crane
- The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon
- Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away With Murder by James B. Stewart

Added to my TBR pile (oh well, you win some and you lose some! :))
- Handsome Women by Judith Henry Wall
- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: A Portrait of Her Private Years by Lester David
- Eden Burning by Belva Plain
- The Murderer's Daughters by Randy Susan Meyers
- The Summit Sojourners by William Ridley
- Cities of the Dead by Linda Barnes
- Neighbors by Maureen S. Pusti
- Great Irish Tales of Horror: A Treasury of Fear by Peter Haining
- Prime Evil: New Stories by the Masters of Modern Horror by Douglas E. Winter
- Erica Wilson's Children's World by Janet Wilson
- Random Winds by Belva Plain
- Hill Towns by Anne Rivers Siddons
Missing: Missing Without Trace in Ireland by Barry Cummins
Dead Air by Bob Larson
Faithless by Karin Slaughter
Cage of Stars by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Secrecy by Belva Plain
Amazing World of Spiders by Janet Craig
The House of Thunder by Dean Koontz
The Covenant of the Flame by David Morrell
Country Kitchen Collection: Fruit Basket by House Regency
How to Know Wild Flowers: A Simple Aid to Flower Recognition by Alfred Stefferud
- Elizabeth the Great: A Biography by Elizabeth Jenkins
- You Cannot be Serious by John McEnroe
- The Loving Spirit by Daphne du Maurier
- Island Murders by Wanda Canada
- Audition: A Memoir Barbara Walters
- The Millstone by Margaret Drabble
- The Seven Sisters by Margaret Drabble
- The Day of the Storm by Rosamunde Pilcher
- Another View by Rosamunde Pilcher
- The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
- A Father's Story by Lionel Dahmer
- Victim of Love by Dyan Sheldon
- The Banquet by Carolyn Slaughter
- The Obedient Wife by Julia O'Faolain
- The Road by Cormac McCarthy
- London: The Novel by Edward Rutherfurd
- The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga by Edward Rutherfurd
- The Covenant by Michael Falconer Anderson
- The Glenna Powers Case by Hillary Waugh
- Summer of Night by Dan Simmons
- One True Thing by Anna Quindlen
- Hunter's Blood by Jere Cunningham
- The King's General by Daphne du Maurier
- The Good Mother by Sue Miller
- Victims by Dorothy Uhnak
- Needlepoint For Everyone by Mary Picken
- Breaking Point by Daphne du Maurier
- Change Baby by June Spence
- The Servant by Robin Maugham
- Doll's Eyes by Bari Wood

Taken off my TBR pile and sent to a new home (Yay! Happy Dance! :))
- Mary Anne by Daphne du Maurier
- Running From the Law by Lisa Scottoline
- Houses Without Doors by Peter Straub
- Dancers in Mourning by Margery Allingham
- Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz
- Sudden Mischief by Robert B. Parker
- Perry Mason Solves the Case of the Lucky Loser by Erle Stanley Gardner
- Rabbit Redux by John Updike
- The Way Through the Woods by Colin Dexter
- Small Vices by Robert B. Parker
- The Uninvited by John Farris
- The Ruins by Scott Smith
- How to Save Your Own Life by Erica Jong
- Plague Ship by Frank G. Slaughter
- His Way by Kitty Kelley
- Denial by Keith Ablow
- Julia by Peter Straub
- The Body in the Bouillon by Katherine Hall Page
- Houses of Stone by Barbara Michaels
- Immoral Certainty by Robert K. Tanenbaum
- Brain by Robin Cook
- The Advocate's Devil by Alan M. Dershowitz
- The Passion of Molly T. by Lawrence Sanders
- No Mercy by John Walsh
- Under Gemini by Rosamunde Pilcher
- The Day of the Storm by Rosamunde Pilcher
- Flowers in the Rain by Rosamunde Pilcher
- Another View by Rosamunde Pilcher
- Halfway Home: My Life 'Til Now by Ronan Tynan
Rage by Wilbur Smith
Nickel Dreams: My Life by Tanya Tucker and Patsy Bale Cox
That Camden Summer by LaVyrle Spencer
Condor by Graham Masterton
A Notorious Woman by Malcolm MacDonald
Home Free by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey
Down by the Water by Caroline Upcher
Just Desserts: The Unauthorized Biography of Martha Stewart by Jerry Oppenheimer
You Have the Right to Remain Silent by Barbara Paul
- Blood Shot by Sara Paretsky
- Santa Fe Rules by Stuart Woods
- A Lady in the Lake: A True Account of Death and Discovery in Lake Placid by George Christian Ortloff
- Death of a Harvard Man by Simon Schama
- Once Upon a Time: A True Tale of Memory by Harry MacLean
- The Ice House by Nina Bawden
- Suddenly by Barbara Delinsky
- Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond
- 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King
- The Queen Mother: The Story of Elizabeth, the Commoner Who Became Queen by Helen Cathcart
- Kill me Again by Leslie Rule
- The First Mrs. Winston by Rae Foley
- Voices in Summer by Rosamunde Pilcher
- Wither by J. G. Passarella
- The Spring of the Tiger by Victoria Holt
- The Three Theban Plays: Antigone/Oedipus the King/Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles and Robert Fagles
The Covenant by James A. Michener
The Blue Corn Murders by Nancy Pickard
The Unfinished Clue by Georgette Heyer
- Moment of Truth by Lisa Scottoline
The Girl on the Beach by Velda Johnston
- What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew: From Fox Hunting to Whist: The Facts of Daily Life in Nineteenth-Century England by Daniel Pool
- Doc by Jack Olsen
- Looking For Rachel Wallace by Robert B. Parker
- The Times of my Life by Betty Ford
- Unanswered Cries: A True Story of Friends, Neighbors and Murder in a Small Town by Thomas French
- Chocolate For a Woman's Soul: 77 Stories to Feed Your Spirit and Warm Your Heart by Kay Allenbaugh
- The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy
- Never Let Them See You Cry by Edna Buchanan
- A Very Private Woman: The Life and Unsolved Murder of Presidential Mistress Mary Meyer by Nina Burleigh
- The Children of Abraham by Marek Halter
- The Desert Crop by Catherine Cookson
- Forgive Me by Amanda Eyre Ward
- All I Could Get by Scott Lasser
- Celebrity Detox: (The Fame Game) by Rosie O'Donnell
- Light on Snow by Anita Shreve
- Cutthroat by Michael Slade
- Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz
- Ghosts by Ed McBain
- She Walks These Hills by Sharyn McCrumb
- The Genesis Code by John Case
- Holy Pictures by Clare Boylan
- The Fixer by Bernard Malamud
- Death Row Women: Shocking Stories of America's Most Vicious Females by Tom Kuncl
- Arson and Old Lace by Sylvia Angus
- The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub
- The Rosewood Casket by Sharyn McCrumb
- QB VII by Leon Uris
- The Thanatos Syndrome by Walker Percy
- Five For Sorrow, Ten For Joy by Rumer Godden
- The Man Who Loved His Wife by Vera Caspary
- Come Winter by Evan Hunter
- Song of Kali by Dan Simmons
- Pay it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde
- The Centurions by Damion Hunter
- One Pair of Feet by Monica Dickens
- Life of the Party: The Biography of Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman by Christopher Ogden
- A Painted House by John Grisham
- The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber
- Woman Vanishes by Caroline Crane
- The Daughters of Cain by Colin Dexter
- Glass People by Gail Godwin
- Kiss me Again, Stranger by Daphne du Maurier
- The Complete Home Decorator: More Than 200 Practical Projects to Transform Your Home, With Over 1000 Color Photographs by Stewart and Sally Walton
- The End of the Dream: The Golden Boy Who Never Grew Up: Ann Rule's Crime Files Volume 5 by Ann Rule
- At Weddings and Wakes by Alice McDermott
- Act of Darkness by Francis King
- The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen
- Lincoln by Gore Vidal
- Speak For the Dead by Margaret Yorke
- My Sister the Moon by Sue Harrison
- Through Violet Eyes by Stephen Woodworth
- Britannia Mews by Margery Sharp
- Cutco Cookbook World's Finest Cutlery Volume 1 by Margaret Mitchell
- Women's Work by Anne Tolstoi Wallach
- Timeless Healing by Herbert Benson
- Taltos by Anne Rice
- Sacrificial Ground by Thomas H. Cook
- Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away With Murder by James B. Stewart
- Ghost Train by Stephen Laws
- Cabal by Clive Barker
- The Misbegotten Son by Jack Olsen
- The Trunk Murderess: Winnie Ruth Judd by Jana Bommersbach
- The Keys to the Street by Ruth Rendell
- The Doubleman by C. J. Koch
- A Dark Place by Aaron Elkins
- Castle Barebane by Joan Aiken
- And a Voice to Sing With by Joan Baez
- No More Dying Then by Ruth Rendell
- The Widows of Broome by Arthur Upfield
- The Fury by John Farris
- All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
- Flesh Wounds by Mick Cochrane
- Small Sacrifices: A True Story of Passion and Murder by Ann Rule

Well, there it is...the breakdown! All in all, a very good reading year for me. Here's a further breakdown:

Books Read: 66
Pages Read: 21,663
Grade Range: A+! to C!

So, there you go! The reading year that was 2010! I hope that you all had an equally good reading year; if not a little better. :) See you all next year! :)

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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