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Stephen King - Lisey's Story: A Novel

49. Lisey's Story: A Novel by Stephen King (2006)
Length: 513 pages
Genre: Horror 
Started: 18 October 2016
Finished: 28 October 2016
Where did it come from? From Bookmooch
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 17 October 2016
Why do I have it? I like horror and have read and enjoyed several books by this author in the past.

Scott Landon was an award-winning, best-selling novelist and he and his wife Lisey Debusher Landon had been happily married for twenty-five years until his untimely death. Their relationship may have been filled with the typical ups and downs that every couple experiences, but overall, Lisey believed that their marriage was extraordinarily and profoundly intimate - sometimes frighteningly intimate. Scott Landon had recently passed away two years ago, and Lisey is only now coming to terms with what a complicated man her husband truly was.

Lisey had always suspected that her husband had sometimes lived in a world of his own - a world of dark secrets that threatened to consume him utterly. As a matter of fact, Scott himself had taught Lisey about the different sides of his personality - sides that she sometimes found endearingly charming, yet sometimes disturbingly eccentric. Yet, she also believed that their enduring love for each other would always be the key that was strong enough to protect Scott from himself.

Starting early on in their relationship, even before their marriage, Lisey learned about many things from Scott. As a matter of fact, she had to learn about these things in order to better understand the man who would soon become her husband. She had to learn about the importance of books and blood and bools - indeed, there were certain times during their life together, when Lisey believed that Scott was actually trying to teach her a completely different language - a whole new perspective on life that was entirely their own.

It was only later when Lisey began to realize - no, to truly understand - that there was actually a special place where Scott went to be alone. It was a place within his own mind that both terrified and healed him, a place that could alternately eat him alive or give him the ideas he needed in order to live. It was a place of sunlight and shadow, genius and creativity - a world entirely of his own creation, known as 'Boo'ya Moon'. Now it's Lisey's turn to face Scott's demons; her turn to make her own journey to 'Boo'ya Moon'.

What begins as a grieving widow's effort to sort through her esteemed husband's personal papers, becomes a nearly fatal journey into the darkness that had enveloped Scott Landon's mind and soul. So now it falls to Lisey, to make her own pilgrimage to honor her husband's memory. She must find her own way to journey to Scott's special place - the place where his wealth of creativity and imagination existed; and dwelt alongside his increasing fear of his encroaching insanity.

I've recently discovered that Stephen King considers this book to be his favorite one of all his works. Indeed, Lisey's Story: A Novel is definitely Stephen King's most personal novel that he has written, as the genesis of his ideas for the story came about during his convalescence from the near-fatal car accident that he suffered in June of 1999. In my opinion, my own favorite book by Stephen King is Pet Sematary - which was written in 1983.

Actually, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Perhaps it wasn't my absolute favorite, but I still found it to be extremely well-developed and highly intriguing. The plot of Lisey's Story: A Novel by Stephen King was extraordinarily imaginative and descriptive. Overall, I enjoyed the story very much, although I found certain parts of the story to be almost overwhelmingly descriptive.

I must admit that while these particular scenes were certainly very well-written; I generally tried to avoid them - as they tended to give me what Mareena calls 'the cringing skin crawls'. I would also like to mention that in my own opinion, this book probably could have benefitted from being approximately one hundred pages shorter. Having said that, I would still give this book a strong A!

A! - (90-95%)

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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