Friday, September 30, 2016

September's Book of the Month


Hello Everyone! I chose the picture posted above because it reminds me of reading to my daughter Mareena when she was little. Every afternoon until she was about eight or nine years old, we would take one of her books that she wanted to read or that she was reading and we would curl up together on my big bed. 

We would spend an hour or so reading a chapter of her book, and then take a nap together. Her absolutely favorite author at that time was an English author named Enid Blyton. Ahh, nice memories... 

My picks for 'Books of the Month' will be decidedly more adult these days, but they will be from almost any genre. September's Book of the Month is:

The Rector's Wife by Joanna Trollope
  Published as: The Rector's Wife in June 1991
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, PLC

Birth Name: Joanna Trollope
Born: 9 December 1943 in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, England (The Cotwolds)

Canonical Name: Joanna Trollope
Pseudonyms: Caroline Harvey

The Rector's Wife by Joanna Trollope was the forty-sixth book that I read in 2016. I have had this book on my TBR shelf since June 21, 2012 and my reread of it took me a total of four days to read. This book is currently on several book swapping sites waiting to go to another good home.

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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