Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jigsaw Puzzles Are Calling my Name Once Again!

Hello everyone! I hope that you're all just fine this morning - I certainly am! :) Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on how I'm doing so far.

First of all, let me say that Mareena and I watched the 2016 horror movie The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund starring Lee Bane and Tiffany Ceri on Saturday afternoon, May 21st. The movie itself was allegedly based on a true story, and I will admit that it is very loosely based on that particular true story. Actually, while the movie was still quite good, in my opinion it became just the slightest bit far-fetched towards the end.

The true story behind the movie actually happened to 14-year-old Anna Ecklund - which is very likely a pseudonym - and apparently occurred in Earling, Iowa in 1928. Anna's case was apparently America's first famous exorcism, yet also one of the last exorcisms that was officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church. Despite the actual exorcism occurring in 1928, the movie adaptation seemed to take place in either the later 20th or early 21st century.

So, I also wanted to mention that on Saturday night, May 21st, I started doing one of my new jigsaw puzzles that I bought for myself on Thursday afternoon, May 19th! It's a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of 'The Yarmouth Yacht Club'. This definitely wasn't the easiest puzzle in my collection, but I'm slightly surprised that it only took me two days to finish. I eventually put the puzzle away on Monday, May 23rd!

As for my reading, I seem to be delving into a major number of rereads - not that I'm complaining! I'm currently reading Julian's House: A Novel by Judith Hawkes - which I had started on Wednesday afternoon, May 18th! This was actually another reread for me from approximately four and a half years ago. I read this book for the first time over four days in December of 2012 - from December 11th, to December 15th, 2012! Since I started my reread of this book on Wednesday afternoon, May 18th, I'm happy to say that I'm doing fairly well with my reading so far.

According to Goodreads, as of today - Tuesday, May 24th - I've read 200 pages of 400; or approximately 50 percent. Since my own copy of this book actually has 381 pages in it, reading 200 pages of the book means that I've read 52 percent of this book.

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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