Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jigsaw Puzzles Are Back in Fashion!

Hello everyone! I hope that you're all just fine this morning - I certainly am! :) Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on how I'm doing so far.

Well, apparently doing jigsaw puzzles have come back in fashion for me. I just recently started doing the second jigsaw puzzle that I received as a Christmas present from Mareena. This puzzle is a sweet one. It's a 700-piece puzzle of five very sleepy-looking cats; one is actually falling asleep in a flower pot! The four other cats are all stretched out in various restful positions.

At 700 pieces, I was expecting the puzzle to take much longer for me to finish than it actually did. It certainly wasn't the simplest of puzzles, but it also wasn't the most difficult one that I've ever done. I started doing this puzzle on Tuesday afternoon, January 12th, and just finished it this morning, Thursday, January 14th! Two days to finish a puzzle of this size? Not too bad!!!

As regards my reading, I had finished reading Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King on Monday night, January 11th! Since then, I haven't really settled on which book I want to read next. I actually just started reading a novella that I received through the mail on Monday afternoon, January 11th: The History Major: A Novella by Michael Phillip Cash. I started the book on Tuesday morning, January 12th, but having only read a chapter so far, I can't really say how much I will enjoy the story.

I just received A Walk Among the Tombstones by Lawrence Block yesterday afternoon - Wednesday,  January 13th! Mareena had requested the book for me as a 'just because' gift for January. It had been on my wish list for quite some time, so I couldn't wait to start reading it. So, as of this morning, January 14th, I've started reading this book.

I've temporarily shelved The History Major: A Novella by Michael Phillip Cash, but I hope to get back to it very soon. I'm only able to read one book at a time; my reading pace is slightly slower than Mareena's: she usually has two or three books going at the same time! According to Goodreads, as of Thursday afternoon, January 14th I am on page 79 of 384; or approximately 20 percent. There are actually 347 pages in my copy of A Walk Among the Tombstones by Lawrence Block, so 79 pages of 347 is approximately 23 percent.

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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