Tuesday, January 10, 2017

So Far, It's a Great Start to the New Year!

Hello everyone! I hope that you're all just fine this morning - I certainly am! :) Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on how I'm doing so far.

First of all, I have to say that I am feeling much, much better than I did over Christmas. Mareena and I are also absolutely delighted with our recent change of cable company, which happened on Saturday morning, December 17th. So far, we've watched four horror movies that we thoroughly enjoyed and countless other television shows that we never even knew were available before.

I'm also keeping myself busy with doing jigsaw puzzles; which despite not really talking about much I have been doing quite a few of lately. I last finished a jigsaw puzzle on Wednesday afternoon, November 30th! I know that this is actually going to sound pretty strange, but although I can't really remember when I did them, I know that I had done another two jigsaw puzzles out of the box of twelve by Sunday afternoon, December 25th!

I had managed to finish a fifth jigsaw puzzle from the box of twelve on Tuesday afternoon, December 28th! Our good friend Lisa gave me a 750-piece jigsaw puzzle as a Christmas present, which I immediately started doing on Saturday night, December 31st! Again, I'm not really sure when I finished the puzzle - which featured a sleeping cat curling itself through cramped-looking library bookshelves - but it was some time around Thursday night, January 5th! The puzzle is actually called: 'Frederick the Literate' and features titles such as Great Rat Holes of the World, The Three Mouseketeers, Puss in Boots and Other Fairy Tales, Building the Perfect Mousetrap and 1001 Catnip Recipes From Around the World.

Anyway, I'm still working through an amazing backlog of crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles from the newspaper. So far, I've done approximately 65 sudoku and crossword puzzles from the newspaper, although I have also done some sum-doku puzzles from my puzzle books, too! I haven't really finished an entire sum-doku puzzle book from my collection since Saturday, December 3rd - I have been working through partial puzzles from the moderately difficult to extremely difficult levels!

So, as regards my own reading, the most recent book that I've read was What Happened to Sophie Wilder: A Novel by Christopher R. Beha, which I finished on Wednesday, January 4th! Actually, I really enjoyed reading the book, as it was very well written. Mareena asked me several days ago if I wanted to go to our local library and peruse the perpetual Library Book Sale.

Of course, I said I would love to do that, but neither of us can decide on a particular date that we want to go. Perhaps some time in the next two or three weeks, we think. Anyway, I have also started reading A Wayside Tavern by Norah Lofts on Thursday, January 5th! Although I think I've read this book once before, I'm not exactly sure when that was - maybe twenty years ago, or so?

According to Goodreads - as of today, January 10th - I've actually read 285 pages out of 376 in A Wayside Tavern by Norah Lofts; or approximately 76 percent. I suppose that I could say that this book is very good, but honestly, it's by Norah Lofts, so what else could I possibly say? Actually, I'm just kidding! LOL!!!

I mean this book is by Norah Lofts and yes, she is one of my favorite authors, but I think that this particular book is actually one of her weaker stories. Don't get me wrong, it still is an intriguing plot and a well-written story - and I'm certainly enjoying A Wayside Tavern by Norah Lofts very much - however, I just think this book is just not as good as many of her others.

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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