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Norah Lofts - The House at Old Vine

13. The House at Old Vine by Norah Lofts (1961)
The Suffolk House Trilogy Book 2
Length: 384 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
Started: 13 February 2016
Finished: 23 February 2016
Where did it come from? From Paperback Swap
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 24 April 2009
Why do I have it? I like historical fiction and have read and enjoyed several books by this author in the past.

In a trilogy that spans five centuries - beginning in the fourteenth century and concluding during the middle of the twentieth century - this is the second volume of the Suffolk House Trilogy. This is the continuing story of a town house and the various people who live there. The trilogy follows the story of Martin Reed and his descendants, men and women who found their place in the fascinating years of England's early history.

Starting in the late fifteenth century, and concluding during the time of the Restoration - The House at Old Vine follows the story of Josiana Greenwood - an illegitimate descendant of Martin Reed. For generations while the Reed family endured, England faced what was perhaps its most turbulent and troubled period. Josiana lived through this period of great upheaval - and it is through her that the family of the House will continue.

In a time when the Tudors fought for the throne and the violence of Oliver Cromwell's war threatened the safety of the nation, Josiana faced a tremendously difficult task. She was young, beautiful and very much in love. Yet the man to whom she had pledged her heart was a man whose fate was sealed. And, although her heart belonged to only one man, she was promised to another...

As with everything that I have previously read by Norah Lofts, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. In my opinion, Ms. Lofts is a tremendous writer whose stories are always well-detailed and historically accurate - she really knows her history. I really appreciate her writing style - and even though the story was slightly longer than I was expecting - it still was an intriguing plot. I give this book a definite A+!

I must say that although I have read almost every one of Norah Lofts' books, I'm not quite sure if I've ever read this one in particular. While I certainly remember reading the first book of the trilogy, as well as the third, I can't really remember reading this book. When I initially started reading it, I had thought that it was a reread for me from at least twelve years ago. However, the further I got into the story, the more I realized that I had absolutely no idea how the story would progress.

I suppose that doesn't necessarily mean that I haven't read this book before, but I just thought that I would have some inkling of the plot or perhaps a vague memory of the characters. However, I really couldn't recall anything about the story, so it was entirely new to me. I'm completely amazed, and will definitely be keeping this book on my bookshelf to read again some time soon.

A+! - (96-100%)

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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