Monday, August 22, 2011

Jim Schutze - Preacher's Girl: The Life and Crimes of Blanche Taylor Moore

43. Preacher's Girl: The Life and Crimes of Blanche Taylor Moore by Jim Schutze (1993)
Length: 320 pages
Genre: True Crime
Started: 20 August 2011
Finished: 22 August 2011
Where did it come from? From a Library Book Sale
How long has it been on my TBR pile? Since 15 July 2011
Why do I have it? I like true crime and have never actually heard of the Blanche Taylor Moore case.

Blanche Taylor Moore was a loving wife and mother, a doting grandmother, a born-again Christian. She was also a paragon of Southern womanly virtue whose husband - the Reverend Dwight Moore - was suddenly stricken with an inexplicably violent, wasting disease. As the doctors tried to diagnose the Reverend Moore's illness, the community admired Blanche's concerned care for her husband. She constantly was at the hospital, tending to him with loving care by wiping his brow and making him her delicious peanut butter milkshakes.

I thought this book was extremely interesting; I had never heard of this particular case before, but was drawn in by Mr. Schutze's discussion of Blanche's various crimes and her psychopathy. It was an interesting look at the makings of a psychopath. I give this book an A+!

A+! - (96-100%)

Till we Meet Again, Glow Brightly as Moonlight

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